One of the necessary conditions for a monist theory to be true is its consistency with the physical world. And the best description we have so far of the physical world is the one given by science. Among all the scientific fields (i.e. geology, biology, psychology, etc.), the most fundamental one is Physics. So if monism is consistent with Physics then it would be consistent with science in general.

The physical world is the only objective world and the world where we find our object of study: Nature. Unlike our mental world, which is subjective (changing from person to person and in time), the Nature of the physical world is universal and invariable. It is independent from thought, place and time. It is the same for everyone and it is always the same.

And here we have to make an important distinction between the objective physical world, and the world as described by Physics. Sometimes the success of science is so impressive that it might lead us to believe that physical theories are faithful descriptions of the physical world. But this is not true. Physical theories are mental interpretations of the physical world. The physical world on the other hand, is objective and independent from our thought. The world as described by physics is not a faithful representation of the physical world, but forms the best interpretations we have of it so far.

One of the fallacies of science is its lack of reflexivity. Reflexive thought is thought turned upon itself. Science doesn’t do this. It doesn’t question our elements of thought. It assumes them valid, it presupposes theories and builds upon them. Reflexivity is left for philosophical thought. On the other hand, one of the fallacies of philosophy is its divorce from the physical world. Philosophy treat its philosophical problems as if they could be isolated from Nature. In the present, we are trying to bring these two worlds together. In a monist universe, Nature is an order that governs both, the behaviour of the physical world and our thought.

In this section then, we are going to analyse the compatibility of Spatial monism with the physical world as described by Physics. We do this from the premise that the nature of Space combines the qualities of a substance with a physical nature.

Physical quantities
Laws of Physics
Particle Physics
Special and General Relativity
Unification theories


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